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Prawn Chow-Mein

All, Favourites, Mains

This is one of my favourite “fakeaway” recipes, and so much quicker and healthier than your local Chinese! Another perfect 10 minute tea for the kids as well.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

For the marinade: 
2 cloves garlic (crushed)
2 tsp finely chopped fresh ginger
2 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp soy sauce 
2 tsp hoisin sauce 
1 tsp Chinese five spice

2 tbsp sunflower or rapeseed oil 
Large handful each shredded cabbage & beansprouts
1 red pepper (finely sliced) 
2 smallish carrots (peeled and finely sliced) 
250g peeled, cooked prawns
300g cooked noodles  
Chopped coriander (optional)


Mix all of the marinade ingredients together and set aside

Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan, add the veg and fry on a medium heat for a few minutes 

Pour the marinade over the veg and fry for another couple of minutes

Add the prawns and noodles and fry for a further two minutes until they’re heated through

Serve garnished with chopped coriander 

Tip – swap the prawns for shredded leftover roast chicken for an equally delicious dish!